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Mindful Moment

Parent Letter 

 Parent Role:
  • Read parent letter and FAQs provided about PUSD’s “Mindful Moment”
  • Discuss with your children the significance of a “Mindful Moment” and what topic or thoughts they might focus on to start off their day with purpose and positivity
Student Role:
  • Listen to the announcements for the beginning and ending the “Mindful Moment”
  • When the minute begins, students may choose to close their eyes or put their heads down
  • Students should focus their mind on something positive, calming, or quieting
  • No talking, cell phone use, or school work during this minute
Teacher Role:
  • Encourage students to put away all distractions
  • Direct students to listen to announcement and signals the start of a “Mindful Moment” at the beginning of the school day
Currently, 12 states mandate a “Moment of Silence” and 24 other states encourage the practice in schools. While it is not required in California schools, we believe in taking this positive, proactive approach to our students’ well-being. Please continue reading for answers to frequently asked questions.
Q: Is my child’s participation required?
A: Your child will not be required to participate, but it is strongly encouraged because we believe the “Mindful Moment” is beneficial to all of our students. If a student does not participate, they will still be expected to be quiet and not disrupt others during the “Mindful Moment.”

Q: Is this a religious practice?
A: No. PUSD’s “Mindful Moment” is neutral and non-religious. No one will be mandating what to do or think about during this time.

Q: Doesn’t this take up valuable instruction time?
A: Sixty seconds cannot be reasonably construed as a burden on the instructional portion of the school day. Rather, this allows students to transition from “off time” to “school time” more quickly, which allows for a state of mind more conducive to learning.

Q: Where does this idea come from?
A: The idea stems from a nationwide effort called “Moment of Silence.” Organizers hope to improve society by implementing a “Moment of Silence” in schools:

Q: What are some things my child could think about or reflect on during the “Mindful Moment?”
  • How I will be grateful for what I have in my life
  • How I appreciate my family
  • What I am looking forward to today
  • What makes me happy
  • How I can better relax in class
  • How I can better focus in class
  • How I can respond better to my teacher
  • How I can show more respect towards my parents/grandparents
  • How I can contribute to society or the world around me
  • How I can be a better teammate
  • Ways to respond to being disappointed, without getting angry
  • Ways that I can help my classmates
  • How I will think of the good points of my classmate
  • Ways to help at home- i.e., help with younger siblings
  • Ways to avoid fights with siblings
  • How I can do great things
  • How to react when I am being bullied or teased
  • Ways I am getting better every day
  • Which people are those who I should look up to
  • How I can look into the good of everything
  • I have the ability to follow my dreams
  • Things I like about my best friend
  • Why I like silence
Q: What will the teacher say during the “Mindful Moment?”
A: Mindful Moment Script:
1.  OK, Class, let’s take a moment to have our “Mindful Moment” to start our day.
2.  The “Mindful Moment” is so we can all start the day together with our minds ready to learn and 
focus for the day.
3.  Remember to put away all distractions and make sure you’re sitting comfortably.
4.  You can close your eyes or put your head down on your desk if you want to, or you can keep your 
eyes open too. Just make sure you are quiet and still.
5.  Try to think about important or positive things that will help you be your very best today.
6.  You may have spoken to your family about what you should think about during this time, but if 
you’re not sure, you can start with how you might better focus in class today.
7.  This is an opportunity to make the most of your time and abilities while you’re at school.
8.  The mindful moment starts now and will last for 60 seconds. Remember no talking or
distractions for yourself or others. Ready, go.
9.  (After 60 seconds.) Alright, Class, that’s the end of our “Mindful Moment.”