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Family Handbook

Oak Valley Logo HeaderMission: Students are at the heart of Oak Valley and meeting their needs is our first priority.

Please note that the most up-to-date information and more detailed information about our school can be
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On regular school days, school begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 2:45 p.m. On Late Start days (Wednesdays), school begins at 9:20 a.m. and ends at 2:45 p.m. Breakfast is served 20 minutes before start time. Supervision will be available twenty minutes before and 15 minutes after school begins and ends. Students should be off campus by 3:00 p.m. unless in an approved after-school activity.


Counselors work with teachers, parents, and students to problem-solve academic concerns through one-on-one and group meetings. Emphasis is placed on the teacher and class setting for maximum success. Counselors will monitor students’ academic progress as needed.


Student grades and assignments are available electronically through MyPlan. Report cards are issued every twelve weeks.

Trimester ending dates are published in the Weekly Update to parents and on the OVMS website. Progress notices
printed and sent home the sixth week of each trimester. Grade concerns should be addressed with the teacher.


The Governing Board (Board of Education) believes that academic honesty and personal integrity are fundamental components of a student’s educational experience. The Board expects that students will demonstrate acts of academic honesty at all times and will not engage in acts of cheating on tests, fabrication/falsification, forgery, unauthorized collaboration, plagiarism, or theft/alteration of materials or equipment. The Board intends that the District data network, Internet, and other online resources provided, be used to support the instructional program and further student learning. Users of the District’s computing and network resources are required to use such resources responsibly, ethically, and in compliance with usage agreements outlined in District policy. Disciplinary actions for violations of the rules of the academic honesty policy may range in severity and will be appropriate to the situation. All ethics violations are cumulative and do not start over with the new school year. Examples include, but are not limited to, copying someone’s homework or class work; taking someone’s work and writing in your name to receive credit; ANY method of sharing answers or test questions; stealing tests; cutting and pasting text; sharing any memory device.


An effective school climate supports people, honors efforts, and forgives mistakes. The way Oak Valley Middle School community members feel about themselves and others, and the way they treat each other every day, reflects the culture of our school. Our philosophy emphasizes positive expectations, recognizes differences, and provides choices. Along with high expectations for behavior, we are committed to helping all students succeed.
We believe:
  • All students can learn and can learn to behave appropriately.
  • All students deserve our never-ending support
  • Discipline is more about teaching, learning and problem solving than about punishment.
  • All school community members have a responsibility for solving problems in our school.


Our vision for the attributes held by all community members of Oak Valley Middle School are as follows:
  • Being honest
  • Having strong values
  • Seeking out each other for support

  • Having self-respect
  • Respecting others
  • Having pride in ourselves and our school
  • Being positively known by others

  • Taking initiative
  • Being accountable for our actions
  • Staying focused
  • Having good attendance
  • Being on time
  • Being goal-oriented and self-directed
  • Being persistent
  • Being committed
  • Being cooperative
  • Being open-minded
  • Remembering that everyone has something to offer

  • Keeping each other safe
  • Being compassionate
  • Being friendly
  • Being helpful
  • Being kind
  • Having enthusiasm
  • Having a diverse group of friends
  • Being non-confrontational
  • Being active participants
  • Communicating effectively
  • Contributing back to the school
  • Following expectations
  • Feeling empowered and confident
  • Having a joy for learning
  • Expressing ourselves constructively

To support learning and teaching, the Behavior Support Call system is used at Oak Valley. For disruptions or student
behaviors that are not reflective of our Six Pillars of Character, staff will call the office and request assistance from an administrator. To reach a positive resolution, the student will be counseled and guided toward making better choices. Parents will also be contacted at that time and their support will be enlisted as we problem-solve together how best to change the behavior of their student and “make it right.” Behavior Support calls are logged in the computer for future reference.


Students in California have the right to be safe while attending school. The Oak Valley Middle School Staff* and the administration will do everything possible to guarantee this right. Students, when facing disciplinary action, are entitled to hear the accusation and then provide an explanation. All school personnel will adhere to this guarantee. Students wishing to appeal disciplinary decisions should contact an administrator for information on specific procedures. (*Staff is defined as all adult personnel.)



Bullying is unfair and one-sided. It happens when someone keeps hurting, frightening, threatening, or leaving someone out on purpose.
Ask yourself these questions:
  1. Is it fair?
  2. How does it feel (threatening, bad, uncomfortable)?
  3. Does it keep happening?
Two types of Bullying:
I. Face-to-face bullying: This kind is easier to recognize.
Actions include: hitting, pushing, name-calling, teasing, put-downs, making fun of, or leaving someone out on
II. Behind-the-back bullying: Actions include: gossip, rumors, and talking behind someone’s back.
Putdowns hurt!
Words or actions that are meant to hurt or embarrass someone are called putdowns. They include name-calling,
insults, rude gestures, rolling eyes at someone, imitating the way a person moves or walks.


Ask yourself: “Is it safe for me to speak out assertively?” If yes, then...

Use assertive steps:
    • Get cool and calm. Take a deep breath and say to yourself: “Cool and calm”.
    • Imagine yourself speaking in a strong, clear, respectful voice.
    • Stand straight and tall.
    • Look directly at the person you are speaking to
    • Say what you mean in a strong, clear, and respectful voice: “Stop. That’s bullying.” Then walk away.
Bystanders Unite!
The people standing around watching the bullying happen are bystanders. They can make a big difference in stopping bullying:
    • Report bullying to an adult.
    • Don’t watch bullying.
    • Say “NO” to bullying.
    • Bystanders Unite. Be part of the solution.
    • Refuse to let others be bullied.
    • Everyone deserves respect!
         Stop Rumors
When you hear someone starting a rumor, or repeating a rumor, use a rumor block...a statement you make to a person who tells a rumor. Examples of rumor blocks are: “That sounds like a rumor to me”, “You don’t know if that’s true”, “Do you have proof of that?” Anytime you don’t feel safe, go get help from an adult immediately!


Reporting isn’t tattling. Tattling is when a student tries to get someone in trouble. Reporting is when a student tries to
keep someone from getting hurt. Anytime is a good time to report bullying to an adult. Adapted from Steps to Respect: A Bullying Prevention Program.

Give an “I message” to stop unwanted behavior: I feel (angry, sad, up-set, frustrated) when you (hit, name call, push,
tease) me because (state how it affects you [it hurts, it distracts me, it bothers me]). If you don’t stop, I will have to report you to a (teacher, counselor, administrator). Inform any adult on campus (teacher, office staff, noon supervisor, etc.) and ask for assistance. Go to the Assistant Principal’s office. Report the incident and fill out a “Witness Declaration” form.


Cell phones and other electronic devices are brought to campus at the student’s own risk. OVMS and PUSD are not
responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen devices. In the event of a theft, please notify the office and contact the
Sherriff’s Department to file a report. Electronic devices cannot be used during instructional time unless permitted by the individual teacher. Gaming devices such as PlayStations or Gameboys should be left at home.

Cell Phone Rules:
    • Phones must remain OFF (not on SILENT) and out of sight during the ENTIRE school day, 8:00-2:45. This
      includes during instructional time, lunch, passing periods, and restroom visits.
    • If a phone call needs to be made during school hours, please come to the office and ask for permission to use your cell phone.
    • If your phone has a camera in it, you are not permitted to use that feature on our campus for any reason, including before or after school.
    • There is NO cell phone use in the library, classrooms, or bathrooms at any time.
    • At times, teachers may permit the use of cell phones or tablets in class to support learning. This is at the discretion of the teacher. Phones must be turned off and stowed away in accordance with school policy before leaving class.
Office telephones are available and may be used with staff permission. Students are also welcome to come to the office to use their cell phones to contact parents.

Cell Phone Consequences:
    • Violation of school cell phone policy will result in a support call and confiscation of the phone by school staff. The
      student may pick up the phone from the front office at the end of the school day.
    • A second violation will require parents to come to school to pick up the phone or give verbal confirmation for the
      student to pick up their device.
    • Repeated violations may result in the loss of a phone on campus.


Students are expected to be in class and ready to learn on time. The following consequences will be in place for students who are tardy to periods 1 & 2:
  • Up to 5 in a school year: reminder phone calls
  • 6 in a school year: phone conference with Parents
  • 7+ in a school year: 1 Lunch Detention per tardy
  • The following consequences will be in place for students who are tardy to periods 3-8
    • First 2 weeks of school: reminders
    • After the first two weeks of school: 1 Lunch Detention per tardy


California Administrative Code, Title 5, Section 302 states: “A pupil who goes to school without proper attention having been given to personal cleanliness or neatness of dress, may be sent home to be properly prepared for school, or shall be required to prepare himself for the school room before entering.”

Oak Valley Middle School is an environment for learning and business. Student dress and appearance should reflect this image. Attire should not disrupt the learning environment. The school dress code applies to all school-sponsored activities, including field trips and dances. Clothing that violates this standard is unacceptable, and the student in violation will be asked to change.
  • School Clothing should be neat, clean, fit properly, and of a professional nature for school activities.
  • School clothing, jewelry, book covers, or binders should not display content or images such as sexual
    connotations, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, profanity, obscenity, weapons, or violence. Items that are discriminatory or
    demeaning toward others are prohibited.
  • Sunglasses, hats, and hoods are not permitted indoors. We need to be able to identify students.
  • Writing on skin is not permitted.
  • Closed-toe shoes must be worn to participate in sports on our athletic courts and fields.
  • Consequences for Dress Code Violations may include changing into PE clothes or other clothing from the Health
    Office, and/or lunch detention, and/or parent notification as determined by the administration. Clothes will be
    returned to the student at the end of the day.
Guidelines to follow:
Guideline  What Not To Wear
Shirts, tops should adequately cover chest, back, and stomach area.
Do Not Wear:
 Halter tops
 Tube tops
 Bathing suit tops
 Strapless tops
 Strapless shirts
 See-through clothing
 Low-cut or exposed midriff
 Tank top with deep cut arm holes
 Pajama tops
Shorts, skirts, and dresses need to be an appropriate size for school.
Do Not Wear:
 Pajama bottoms
 Sagging pants
 Sheer pants
Footwear must adequately protect feet and not
interfere with required school activities.
Do Not Wear
 Shoes with wheels
 Slippers
Should be appropriate to the learning
Do Not Wear
 Wallet chains over 3 inches long
 Long dangling belts
 Metal studs, safety pins, or similar modifications
 The administration retains the sole discretion to make the final determination whether clothing,
jewelry and accessories and/or appearance meet standards for common decency, respect, and safety.


Students of the Poway Unified School District will be disciplined in accordance with Statutes of the State of California. A student will be subject to disciplinary action for the designated acts that are related to school activities and which occur at any time, including but not limited to any of the following:
 The student is on school grounds at a time when school is in session or a school-sponsored activity is in progress.
 The student is going to or coming from school.
 The student is on breaks or lunch periods whether on or off campus.
 The student is going to, coming from or attending a school-sponsored or District-sponsored activity.
 The student has engaged in an electronic act on or off campus.
We expect socially acceptable behavior at all times.
The Following actions may result in one or more of these consequences:
 Behavior Support Call, Detention, Suspension, Restitution, Expulsion.
 Involuntary Transfer, and/or Police Action. Parents are responsible for all restitution.
 Suspension: removal of a student from ongoing instruction for adjustment purposes.
 Expulsion: removal of a student from the immediate supervision and control of, or the general supervision of,
school personnel.
 Involuntary Transfer: transfer of a student from one school to another school, or to an alternative instructional
program, within the district


Suspension or expulsion may be imposed on the first offense for Prohibited Acts 1 through 5 below. The prohibited acts are:
1. Causing, attempting to cause, or threatening to cause injury to another person;
2. Possessing, selling, or otherwise furnishing to others any firearm, any knife, explosive, or other dangerous objects
such as but not limited to brass knuckle, slingshots, razor blades, BB guns, or pellet guns;
3. Possessing, using, having consumed, or being under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, dangerous drugs, or other controlled substances or intoxicants of any kind;
First offense: Suspend or suspend and transfer to another middle school or continuation high
school, for the remainder of the semester and the following semester. An intervention contract is also initiated.
Second offense: recommendation for expulsion.
4. Transferring, selling, distributing, offering, arranging, or negotiating to sell, or possessing quantities sufficient to
suggest the intent to provide, give, or sell to other students substances which are, or purported to be, alcohol,
narcotics, dangerous drugs, other con-trolled substances (i.e., marijuana, crystal methamphetamine, or anabolic
steroids), or intoxicants of any kind;
         First Offense: recommendation for expulsion.
5. Committing or attempting to commit robbery or extortion;
6. Causing or attempting to cause damage to school or private property;
7. Committing or attempting to commit theft of school or private property;
8. Possessing or using tobacco or any products containing tobacco or nicotine on school premises;
9. Commission of obscene act or engaging in habitual profanity or vulgarity;
10. Unlawfully possessing, offering, arranging, or negotiating to sell any drug paraphernalia as defined in Section
11014.5 of the Health and Safety Code. Consequences: First Offense: transfer to another middle school or the OffCampus Independent Study Program for a period of time of 90 school days or for the remainder of the semester
and the following semester. An intervention contract is also initiated. 
11. Disruption of school activities or willful defiance of school authority;
12. Knowingly receiving stolen school property or private property;
13. Possessing an imitation firearm, including but not limited to B-B, paintball and pellet guns.
14. Committing or attempting to commit a sexual assault or sexual battery;
15. Threatening or intimidating a witness or a complaining witness in a school disciplinary proceeding;
16. Sexual harassment;
17. Hate Behavior/Violence;
18. Violating technology-use policies and inappropriate use of electronic signaling devices (e.g., cell phones, pagers,
laser printers, computers);
19. Causing or attempting to cause an assault or battery, intimidation, harassment, or threats on any school employee
or school property;
20. Causing or attempting to cause acts of intimidation, harassment, or hazing on any student;
21. Terrorist threats against school officials, school property, or both;
22. Violating individual school rules or violating bus rules.
For Prohibited Acts 7 through 16, suspension or expulsion may be imposed when other means of correction fail to bring about proper con-duct. However, at any time, if the principal determines that the student's presence causes a danger to persons or property or threatens to disrupt the instruction process, the student may be suspended or expelled. The Board of Education authorizes the school principal to suspend or to recommend to the Board for consideration of expulsion any student who violates the Rules of Student Discipline. Restitution may also be required in cases of damage or destruction of property. Certain rights are protected by federal and state laws and regulations. To help make you aware of your rights, the District is providing you with this notice. If you have any questions or need to clarify something you read here, please contact any administrator or Personnel Support Services.
Students whose conduct off campus (online/offline) creates a hostile learning environment (victim feels
unsafe) is under the jurisdiction of the school. The following actions may result in one or more of these
consequences: Behavior Support Call, Detention, Suspension, Restitution, Expulsion, Involuntary Transfer, and/or Police Action.

Students who want help dealing with a drug or alcohol problem are encouraged to discuss this with parents and trusted adults on campus. Students who disclose past use of alcohol or other drugs while seeking adult intervention WILL NOT be punished or disciplined for past use. This excludes a student currently in possession OR under the influence at the time of reporting the information. Students who immediately come to the office upon finding that they in-advertently brought a prohibited item to school, i.e., a knife or other dangerous object, WILL NOT BE PUNISHED OR DISCIPLINED. This excludes students who are found to have the item without reporting it to a staff member.

All school staff members and volunteers are in a position of authority on campus and at any school-related activity. Direct challenges or verbal abuse toward an adult will result in disciplinary action. Direct challenge or verbal abuse that is considered a threat of bodily harm to a staff member or volunteer could result in arrest and possible expulsion from the Poway Unified School District.

NOTE: By law, students are required to do what is reasonably asked of them as long as the request does not cause physical or mental danger to them. If a student feels s/he is not being treated fairly, the student will refrain from arguing with the staff member and take the appeal to the assistant principal.
Actual or attempted or threatened injury to another person that occurs during a hostile encounter. Mutual combat is
when both parties are participants. For school purposes, "self-defense" is not fighting back. Self-defense is the prevention of harm by blocking, holding, or at best moving away from a fighter. An "eye-for-an-eye" is considered fighting, not self-defense. Inciting a Fight: To encourage, facilitate, or urge others to engage in physical contact. Examples include, but are not limited to, the following:
 Teasing, harassing, messing with, annoying, or bothering someone to get the person to fight, mad-dogging.
 Preventing someone from leaving a fight.
 Being a third party getting others to fight.
 Asking someone if they are going to fight someone/or meet them for a fight.
 Yelling out "Hit him!" “Get him.” etc.
 A spectator challenging/baiting others to fight: “You’re afraid.”
Any student who engages himself or herself or students who attend fights will be viewed as encouraging others to fight Rough housing or horseplay which often leads to fighting is not appropriate behavior on the Oak Valley campus. Behaviors that assist others in causing or threatening to cause physical injury to another person will be viewed with the same seriousness as those directly involved. Disciplinary measures, depending on the severity of the offense will be taken and may include police action, suspension, and/or expulsion.
Harassment is unwanted and unwelcome behavior from other students or staff members which interferes with another individual’s life. When it is sexual in nature, it is “sexual harassment.” When it is racial in nature, it is a “hate-motivated behavior” or sometimes a “hate crime.” Please refer to Board Policy Section 5.28 for a more detailed explanation.

Poway Unified School District Board Policy, supported by the California statute, defines hate-motivated behavior as an act, or attempted act, motivated by hostility toward a victim’s actual or perceived race, ethnicity, national origin,
immigrant status, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, age, disability, or any other physical or cultural
characteristic.* For more information on the penalties for hate-motivated behavior visit the PUSD website.
1. Name calling, racial slurs or bigoted epithets.
2. The presence of symbols or words considered offensive to persons of a specific gender, race, ethnicity, religion,
sexual orientation or the mentally or physically challenged, such as graffiti, slurs or painted swastikas.
3. Activities historically associated with threats to persons of a specific gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual
orientation or the mentally or physically challenged (e.g., burning crosses, wearing swastikas or white sheets,
flying confederate flags, hanging effigies, defacing pink triangles).
4. The posting or circulation of demeaning jokes or caricatures based on negative stereotypes of a specific gender,
race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or mental or physical challenges.
5. The defacing, removal, or destruction of posted materials, meeting places, memorials, etc. associated with specific
gender, race, ethnic, religious, sexual orientation or mental or physical challenges.
6. Victim belief that the incident was motivated by bias against him/her as a member of a specific gender, racial,
ethnic, religious, sexual orientation or mentally or physically challenged group.
7. Perpetrator explanation/defense of incident involves exalting own gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual
orientation or mental or physical status and/or includes statements demeaning victim group.
8. The presence of organized hate group literature and/or posters or reference to an organized hate group.
Consequences for Hate Behavior range from include counseling, parent phone calls or conferences, behavior contracts to suspension and/or expulsion as well as police notification and arrest—depending on the particular circumstances.

For incidents involving insensitive or inappropriate remarks which are absent of hostility or malice, we will provide
guidance and/or appropriate support services to the victim, as well as take appropriate corrective or disciplinary action for students exhibiting inappropriate behavior. Suspension may be imposed when other means of correction fail to bring about proper conduct. Examples include, but are not limited to:
 Demeaning statement or degrading language stated between students in a manner wholly without malice.
The Poway Unified School District recognizes that harassment on the basis of sex or gender is a violation of Federal and State discrimination laws as well as District Policy and Administrative Procedures. The District is committed to providing students with an academic environment free from sexual harassment, and will not tolerate such conduct on the part of any District employee, student, or other person at school or at a school sponsored activity. Sexual harassment is not tolerated at Oak Valley. Any person with a complaint of sexual harassment suffered by a student should implement the complaint process and contact school administration. The District contact person is: District Equal Opportunity (Title IX) Coordinator/Assistant Superintendent, Personnel Support Services Poway Unified School District 15250 Avenue of Science San Diego, CA 92128-3406 - Telephone: (858) 521-2800.

The law defines “sexual harassment” to mean unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature, made by someone from or in the educational setting, under any of the following conditions:

1. Submission to the conduct is explicitly or implicitly made a term or condition of an individual’s academic status or progress; or
2. Submission, or rejection of, the conduct by the individual is used as a basis of academic decisions affecting the individual; or
3. The conduct has the purpose or effect of having a negative impact upon the individual’s academic performance or of creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive educational environment; or
4. Submission to, or rejection of, the conduct by the individual is used as a basis for any decision affecting the
individual regarding benefits and services, honors, programs or activities available at or through the educational institution. See PUSD Board Policy 5145.7

If you or someone you know is a victim of Hate Motivated Behavior or Hate Harassment or Sexual Harassment, you need to report it immediately to a teacher, counselor, or administrator. Even if you are not the victim, it is important you see something say something.
The response to reports of harassment, hate behavior, or sexual harassment shall include timely investigation, assurance of protection for the victim, notification of the victim’s parents or guardians, and, as appropriate, disciplinary action for the perpetrator. If the victim believes that the situation has not been remedied, he/she may file a complaint in accordance with district complaint procedures for discrimination or sexual harassment.
Computer hacking is illegally entering a computer system. A "computer virus" is a program that, once installed into a
computer, will destroy software and computer memory. Severe Consequence – Behavior Support Call, restitution,
suspension, and police intervention.

Students who steal or vandalize school or personal property may receive suspension, restitution, and police action
depending upon the severity of the offense. The parent or guardian is legally responsible for paying for any losses due to proven theft by their child or damage to public property caused by the student.
Hazing, or any form of initiation that is degrading, is strictly forbidden by California State Law. No student shall
conspire to engage in hazing, participate in hazing, or commit any act that causes or is likely to cause bodily danger,
physical harm, or personal degradation or disgrace resulting in physical or mental harm to any fellow student or another person. Persons violating this policy shall be subject to District discipline, misdemeanor penalties, and forfeiture of entitlements.

Merchandise is confiscated for parent retrieval and possible suspension. Sales of all items on campus must be approved by ASB, including Girl Scout Cookies.

Use of profanity, vulgarity, or name-calling is not tolerated at any time on school grounds.

To provide a tobacco-free environment for both employees and students, there shall be no smoking or tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, used in District buildings, grounds, or vehicles. State law prohibits the smoking possession or use of tobacco, or any product containing tobacco, by students while on campus or while attending school-sponsored activities. NO SMOKING includes before and after school and is prohibited in the parking lot, outside school entrances, and areas adjacent to and around school property. Chewing tobacco is not permitted on campus. E-cigarettes (Vapes) are not permitted on campus. Student disciplinary procedures concerning tobacco use are as follows: First Offense: Detention, the type and length of which shall be determined by the site administrator. Second Offense: Suspension and notification of law enforcement officials for possible issuance of a citation.

Also known as "malicious mischief." The willful or malicious destruction of any real or personal property belonging to
another is considered a misdemeanor.


The ASB (Associated Student Body) is an organization where students can express their opinions and participate in the management of student activities. The ASB promotes initiative, leadership, and involvement.
Several activities will be scheduled during the school year. Only Oak Valley students may attend. Students who attend the activity must have a ticket and must present their current OVMS I.D. card before being admitted to the activity. Tickets are purchased ahead of time (student must present current I.D. card to purchase ticket) and must be signed by a parent and presented at the door. For this reason, tickets are not sold on the day of the activity or at the door. Tickets are not refundable.

Once students are in the activity, they may not leave until the end of the activity. Please remember that all students must be picked up and off campus within 15 minutes of the end of the activity.
Various clubs and organizations are available to enhance student social involvement and complement academic
achievement. If you are interested in starting a club, contact the ASB advisor to pick up the club application form.
It is imperative that students who participate in activities as representatives of Oak Valley Middle School maintain good Citizenship. In 2016 Oak Valley students voted that students must maintain a 2.0 grade point average in citizenship to be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities. In addition, if a student is suspended, or receives a “U” in citizenship, they may be ineligible to participate in extracurricular events for six weeks from the date of the suspension.


The use of school computers and Chromebooks is a privilege for which all users accept responsibility. The computers and Chromebooks are intended to support student learning and provide additional resources for your research purposes.
Students must agree to the Acceptable Use Contract before they may gain access to the Internet on campus. The
classroom teacher must supervise classroom use of the Internet and the students must possess and have parental
permission to access the internet.
 You are NOT ALLOWED to move or change any item on the computer screen or alter the desktop settings.
 Removing, replacing, or switching any computer keys will result in a support call.
 Students will follow copyright guidelines when using materials found on the Internet and Online Resources.
When using a school computer, students will not:
 Eat food, chew gum or have drinks, including water.
 Use chat rooms.
 Vandalize or steal equipment.
 Steal or alter software.
 Alter desktop settings.
 Play games.
 Download program or software.
 Use social media.
The Chromebook is an educational tool and is intended for educational purposes only. Students are responsible for the general care of their Chromebook and for bringing their charged device for use during their instructional day unless otherwise specified. Additional chargers are not available. If you forget your Chromebook, a device may be available for you to borrow from the library.

There is no right to privacy in the use of the computer system. The school reserves the right to monitor and access
information on the system for the purpose of determining whether a violation of these restrictions has occurred. Any
violation of these rules will result in loss of your privileges to use computers on campus.


During a drill, walk in a quick, quiet, and orderly manner to your assigned area and be prepared to follow instructions. If an emergency should occur at lunch, Falcon Guide supervisors will escort students to the appropriate location where you will meet with your teacher. Students in lunch A will meet the teacher they are reporting to. Students in lunch B will meet with the teacher that they just left.
When instructions are given for a lockdown drill, all students should immediately follow the directions of their teacher. If you are out on campus during a lockdown, please immediately proceed to the nearest classroom.
During a drill, students are expected to assist their teacher by carrying the teacher's sign, first aid kits, and any other equipment and/or materials.
Initiating fire alarms without cause will result in severe disciplinary action, possibly involving police. Disruptive behavior during a drill will result in a Behavior Support Call or other disciplinary action. Student safety is a primary concern at Oak Valley.


To avoid undue distractions and disruptions during lunch period and the school day fast food and restaurant food is not allowed from either a delivery service or parent drop off. Occasionally, teachers or clubs will host special parties where food may be brought under the directions of the teacher or club advisor. Any food brought for children must be commercially packaged and sealed – No homemade food is allowed for classroom/club celebrations.

Balloon and Flower Bouquets: Many students request to bring balloons and flower bouquets to school as gifts for their friends. In the interest of health issues and keeping students focused on learning, balloons and flower bouquets are not permitted in instructional areas. Balloons and flower bouquets brought to school must be held in the Welcome Center until the end of the school day.

Deliveries and Messages: Messages and forgotten items may be brought to the Welcome Center. Students may check the white board on display in the Welcome Center to see if an item has been dropped off for them. Passes will not be sent for forgotten/dropped off items.


At the middle school level, homework should primarily consist of reading, practice in mathematics, application of writing and beginning research. At this level, homework should continue to build independent study habits. Long term assignments at the middle grades should be limited in number and duration with clear checkpoints to monitor progress towards completion. As a guideline, homework should be assigned on a regular basis with total homework assignments not to exceed two hours nightly.

Make-up Work: Students shall be given the opportunity to make up school work missed because of an excused absence or suspension and shall receive full credit if the work is turned in according to a reasonable make-up schedule. Students who miss schoolwork because of unexcused absences may be given the opportunity to make up missed work. Students will be allowed full make up privileges without penalty for any work missed during observance of major religious holidays.


Services: Our school library collection includes books, magazines, a reference section, and online resources. Computers are available for student use. Library hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday - 7:45 am - 3:00 pm. Tuesday: 9:00 am- 3:00 pm. Students are required to have a current Oak Valley ID to check out library books. A maximum of five books may be checked out for a period of two weeks. Books are to be returned on time and may be renewed. There are no fines for overdue library books but students cannot checkout any library books until their record is cleared. Behavior expectations are the same as for the classrooms. Additionally, food and drinks (including water bottles!) are not allowed in the library. Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed. Replacement IDs are available in the library (at a cost of $5.00) before and after school or during both lunch periods.

Textbooks: Students are issued textbooks for those classes in which they are enrolled. Textbooks are issued to students during registration. In accordance with PUSD administrative procedure (6.84.1) the student and/or his/her
parents/guardians are liable for the replacement cost or repair of any lost, vandalized, or damaged book. Please use paper book covers and write your name inside the front cover. Never use adhesive book covers! Do not tape or staple anything to the book itself. Additional copies of textbooks may be purchased directly from the publishers. Parents, please consult the OVMS Library website for a complete list of textbooks publishers and contact information. Replacement cost of workbooks is from $10.00-$23.00.

Destiny Catalog Homepage: Many quality resources are available on the Destiny Catalog Homepage. Students can take advantage of the reliable research databases, purchased by the district, as well as a list of websites, web tools, platforms, and compiled digital resources to successfully navigate the web for valuable information. Located on our library homepage are some of the same databases, platforms, and digital technology that are available in university libraries.

These materials allow students to become familiar with research skills, sites, and research techniques. Learning to
evaluate reliable information resources and how to utilize that material effectively and efficiently is the goal of our three-year digital literacy library program. Poway students are fortunate to have the opportunity to access and use these valuable resources and materials for research now, while also gaining the skills on how to purposefully employ these materials for life. See the Oak Valley Middle School Library Destiny Homepage for reliable resources and research information literacy needs.

Overdrive: Poway K-8 digital bookshelf. Read Online for free! In 2017, the Poway Unified School District added an
extensive collection of online eBooks and audiobooks via Overdrive, our new digital Poway K-8 Library. This new online shelf is available for free to all students enrolled in all our K-8 schools and all district staff.


Students are required to have an Oak Valley hall pass in their possession any time they are outside the classroom during class periods.


Bicycles and Skateboards: Oak Valley wants you and your property to be safe, especially in the high-traffic areas around a school. Therefore, wheeled vehicles are not allowed to be ridden on campus. This includes scooters, bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, motorized scooters, etc. Students are responsible for safeguarding their property by locking the items up and wearing the required safety equipment. Charging of electric bikes, on campus, is not permitted.

Lost and Found: Lost or found books are kept in the Library. All other items can be found in the Lost and Found just
outside the Welcome Center. At the end of each trimester, all unclaimed articles are donated to charity. Any food
containers/lunch boxes will be disposed of every Friday to discourage unwanted pests.


Students must always suit up for physical education classes. Other arrangements will be provided for long-term medical issues per the student’s physical education teacher. P.E. clothes may not be shared. If students forget their P.E. clothes, clean loaners will be issued. Lockers will be assigned in P.E. classes only. Students must use only the locker issued to them.

There is no sharing of lockers. Locks may be purchased from the Oak Valley P.E. Department and are available
throughout the year. Locker combinations should not be shared. Students are responsible for all items stored there. The school will not be responsible for items stored in lockers. Please note: because we are a participation and standards-based program, absences and students out for medical reasons are expected to make up activities.


Oak Valley Middle School would like to enlist the support of parents and guardians to help us maintain a safe, positive learning environment for all students. Please urge your students to behave respectfully and appropriately at school and make sure to review the student planner and family handbook for details regarding school rules. 

Students, parents, and the community can report suspicious and illegal activities by seeing an adult in person or calling the PUSD Safe Schools Hotline. Together we can help keep our children safe. The confidentiality of those reporting is protected


For information regarding bus passes, please refer to the transportation information on the Poway Unified School District website. Students will be notified of loading zones on the first day of school. Parents and other drivers are not allowed to stop, park, or in any way block the passage of school buses as they move to and from the loading zones. Observe the red lines. It is for our student’s safety that we require this. Students should be on time at the designated school bus stop in single file and should wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before attempting to enter. Students are expected to board the bus in an orderly fashion. The law requires cars in both directions to stop when red lights are flashing. If you have any questions regarding late buses, etc. you can reach PUSD Transportation at 858-679-2535.
While on the bus, students should keep hands and head inside the bus at all times. Remember that loud talking, laughing, and other inappropriate noise distracts the driver's attention and makes safe driving difficult. Horseplay is dangerous around or on the school bus. Students must be seated while the bus is in motion. When the assistant principal receives a bus referral, the following procedure is followed:

 1st Bus Referral - The student is warned and a copy of the referral (warning) is sent home.
 2nd Bus Referral - Student may lose the privilege of riding the bus for one week (5 school days) OR is assigned to Bus Safety School, which is scheduled for one Saturday each month. The assistant principal will make parent contact.
 3rd Bus Referral - Students may lose the privilege of riding the bus for two weeks (10 school days). The assistant
principal will make parent contact.
 4th Bus Referral - Students may lose the privilege of riding the bus for (40) forty school days. The assistant principal
will make parent contact.
 5th Bus Referral - Students may lose the privilege of riding the bus for the remainder of the school year. If students want to ride any bus other than their usual, they must have written permission from a parent and a school
administrator. An Activity Bus is provided Monday through Thursday each week for students with scheduled after-school activities. Students not participating in an approved after-school activity may not ride this bus


Student Visitors: To ensure campus security and safety for students, and to reduce the impact on our learning environment, non-Oak Valley students are not allowed on campus. Only students registered and attending Oak Valley Middle School may be on campus during school hours.

Adult Visitors: All visitors to the school must check in at the Welcome Center office, log in and obtain a visitor’s name badge. Visits to classrooms must be pre-arranged with the teacher.
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The Poway Unified School District (PUSD) is an equal-opportunity employer/program and is committed to an active Nondiscrimination Program. PUSD does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, ethnic group identification, ancestry, religion, gender, gender identification, mental or physical disability. For more information, please contact the Associate Superintendent, Personnel Support Services, Poway Unified School District, 15250 Avenue of Science, San Diego, CA 92128-3406.