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Mission Statement

Inspire – Encourage – Challenge - One Falcon At A Time

Department Vision

Every day we all have a choice to make: “Should I be average or will I be great?”  It’s easy to fixate on what we think we can’t do instead of focusing on what we could.  Our choices and energy are the power behind what drives us every day and when we play…we learn to believe in ourselves.

That’s why your Physical Education teachers share one simple vision…

-Teach The Power Of Playing The Game-
The game doesn’t care if you’re big, smart, or talented.  The game just waits for you to get up and play.  Play for the pure joy of accomplishment, play for the challenge of becoming better than you think you can be, play for everything it can teach you to succeed in life.

The game gives you the opportunity to use some of the most important equipment you have to be great every day.  We call them the FALCON 5.  They can help you prepare for, center your focus on, and truly develop a love for the game of life.
We all play.  The only question is…   “What equipment do you need to help you become a better player?”


SPORTSMANSHIP It’s a style of play that has a positive influence on people around you.
COMMITMENT Simply a promise worth making to yourself…and you keep it. 
MOTIVATION Here is where you find the drive within you to accomplish a goal.
INTEGRITY The people in your life will always want to know, “Can I trust you?”
ATTITUDE This is your ability to control your mind in a positive way.