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Oak Valley Middle School Frequently Asked Questions


What do I do when my child is absent? A parent or legal guardian should report the absence on the Attendance Hotline at 858-676-6963 the morning of each day’s absence (unless you give us a date range for multiple days). See more attendance Information


What if I need to pick my child up early, or just take them to the dentist?  There are a couple of things you can do.  Either have your child bring a note to the Attendance Office before school telling us what time you need him or her in the office or call the Attendance hotline at 858-676-6963.  The messages are checked throughout the day. We will have your student waiting for you to sign them out at the time you need them. All students must be signed out in the office. See Daily Schedule


What do I do if my child forgot something at home? Messages and forgotten items may be brought to the Welcome Center.  Passes will not be sent for forgotten/dropped off items.


What do I do if my child will be late? If a student is not in their seat by 8:20 am (9:20 am on Tuesdays), he or she is tardy. They will need to check- in at the attendance desk. If your student’s tardy is to be excused, we ask that a parent or legal guardian please call and leave a message on the attendance hotline.  If you are unable to call, please either send your student with a signed note, or walk your student in.  If a student has an un-excused tardy that is more than 30 minutes late he or she will be considered truant to their missed classes. See Attendance Information


What do I do if we have to take our child on a trip with us? If there is a planned absence for five or more consecutive days, please see the attendance clerk at least one week prior to the absence to set up a homework contract for the student. This allows the student to do the work that he or she would be doing if they were in class and helps the school to continue to be funded by the state.
See Attendance Information


How do I get homework for unplanned absences? The best way to get homework is to check Learning Point (LearningPoint goes away December 2014) or MyConnect, the teacher’s website, or contact the teacher by email.


What if there is a problem with my child’s lunch account? Please contact the Oak Valley Cafeteria directly at 858-497-2939 x6173. Food and Nutrition Website


What if my child needs to contact me? A student phone is available for use in the Welcome Center.


What if I don’t want my child to do P. E? State law says that parents may excuse a student from P. E. for up to three days, after which they must have a doctor’s excuse. See PE Department Page


What if my child needs to stay after school? Supervision will be available for one half hour after school. Students should be off campus by 3:30 p.m. unless in an approved after school activity.


What if my child needs to take medicine (even Tylenol) at school? Before any medication (prescribed or over-the-counter) can be given during school hours, an Authorization for Medication Administration form (PUSD H-26) must be on file. Both physician and parent/guardian signatures are required. All medication is kept in the Health Office and must be in the prescription container or original packaging, labeled with the student's name. The Health Technician will supervise self-administration of the medication during school hours. If a medical condition warrants a student to have immediate access to their medication, a physician and parent must sign an Authorization to Carry Medication While At School form (PUSD H-26B), allowing the student to carry their medication with them during school hours.
Exceptions: Students may carry sunscreen, lip balm, throat lozenges, contact lens solution, and cough drops without authorization.


How do I contact my child’s teacher? You can e-mail via our website or call them. During school hours calls go directly to voice mail. See the teacher contact Information.



1. What do we do if my child loses their bus pass? A lost bus pass costs money to be replaced (Check current prices). You or your child should bring the money to our office. Your child will get a temporary bus pass, and we will order a new bus pass. You can also go directly to the transportation office on Twin Peaks Road.
2. Can my child ride the bus without a bus pass? Yes, but each ride costs money. Check with Transportation or the office for the current price. 
3. Do the students need a special bus pass to ride the activity bus? Yes. Students must be with an adult on campus between 3:20 and 4:20, and then get an activity bus pass from that teacher. Also, if they don’t have a regular bus pass, they must be prepared to pay for the bus ride.
4. Can my child ride the bus to a friend’s house? Yes, but they must have your written permission and the note must also be signed by a faculty member in the office.
5. What if my child lost something on the bus? PUSD Transportation maintains its own lost and found. If they know who owns the lost item, they will send it to the school through our District mail (which takes a couple of days). You can also call transportation at 858-679-2636 to see if they have your lost item.
6. What if I have a complaint about the bus/bus driver? PLEASE call transportation directly at 858-679-2636. They are the ones who can fix a problem.